Balanced Work Life

Work from home, flexi work hours, maternity and paternity leave policies to ensure work life balance

Wellness Programs

Specialised workshops and health check-ups are conducted by various health and wellness organizations to promote a healthy lifestyle among the employees

Team Bonding

Quarterly team outings are planned to promote bonding among colleagues away from work.

Medical Insurance

Uniform medical insurance coverage for every employee and their 3 dependents for any hospitalization

Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance is provided to employees in the event of accident related bodily injury or death.

Advance Loan

Gaian provides its employees with a zero percent interest loan.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

An employee benefit plan in which employees receive an ownership stake in the company where they work through the receipt of stock

Skill Up

SME (Subject Matter Experts) with Certifications

20+ employees are chosen across all domains and are given a chance to upgrade their skills by training on current/ upcoming technologies by industry experts

Lift All (Classroom training)

This initiative brings together the top talent of the organization to conduct sessions and workshops and transfer knowledge

Guest Speakers

Gaian brings in the best in the industry to speak on their experiences and innovations

Good show

It is an appreciation and gratitude expressed by employees to their peers

Gaian Emerging Model

The most deserving employee is recognized and rewarded monthly for their quality of work, exceptional delivery, and customer delight

Gaian Emerging Team

The most deserving team is recognized and rewarded quarterly for their quality of work, exceptional delivery, and customer delight

Gaian Annual Awards

Gaianites are recognized and rewarded annually for their energy, passion, excellence, and game changing attitude.

Gaian Go Getters

Gaian’s very own cricket team that is an active participant in corporate cricket tournaments

Gaian Toastmaster Club

Enhance public speaking skills with Toastmaster Club. All Gaianites are eligible to enrol Cultural Activities

Unwind at work. Gaian celebrates national festivals with lot of zeal and enthusiasm

Gaian Foundations

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Seelamsetty Ramarao Foundation

Seelamsetty Ramarao garu strongly believed Nelson Mandela’s vision - “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Gaian group runs the Seelamsetty foundation ushering a new era for the empowerment of socially and economically weaker sections of society in India by taking computer aided vocational training courses for the lower strata of society.

This multi-disciplinary foundation helps deserving students achieve their dreams by promoting the use of innovative educational technologies.

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Rural RBPO

True to the values of Gaian group, the purpose of Rural BPO (RBPO) is to enable women from rural communities to create livelihoods for themselves to uplift their immediate society.

This is done by providing white collar job opportunities where these women work on IT enabled services like document digitization through scanning or data entry. The RBPO group today comprises of 15+ women who are actively improving their skills for a brighter future.

What our employees have to Say

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 At Gaian, I believe I have climbed the ladder of success that has taken me higher in my career. A flexible, friendly and helpful environment is what I have enjoyed here... Looking forward to continuing this wonderful journey

Syed Mudassir Ahmed, LMTS
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 Everyday at Gaian is an opportunity to learn through unique challenges and make a difference to AI and ML community. It is such a joy to be part of close-knit Gaian family.

Deepti Kollipara, Junior Data Scientist
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 Ever since I joined GAIAN, it has been a learning session each day. It has created extremely rewarding experience in terms of knowledge enhancement and skills acquisition. Its pleasant work environment allows me to contribute to the best of my abilities.

Joseanitt Goli, MTS-III
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 At Gaian apart from my usual work, I have also been included in the company's ‘Change Management’ team. This is what I love most about the company–the level of inclusion that it offers even for a new joinee. I also appreciate the transparency between us and the administration, where ideas are welcomed and discussed! It all makes me feel as though I am part of a large and loving family! People that I work with on a daily basis are amazing and that is one of the great reasons why I love working here.

Priyanka Dhondi, Senior Instructional Designer
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 Gaian offers an excellent working experience which supports you to widen your learning scope. I really appreciate that recognition is given when it’s deserved, and help offered when needed. I feel like I’ve been kept on track with the right amount of supervision from talented and knowledgeable people. I have been encouraged to develop the skills and access the support I need to take on a number challenging roles and projects. The best part of Gaian is the people. I work with a bunch of talented people with an amazing passion to work and an energy that is infectious. It makes you obsessed with this place.

Manjusha Doddi, Senior MTS

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