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Interactive TV solutions

Your audiences talk about your shows in social media. They do that a lot! Integrating this chatter on second screens with TV broadcast feed is picking up rapidly to increase fan interest and volumes. How can you leverage on the power of social media, and provide customization based on user preferences on TV?

GaiaTV Platform does exactly that for you. It helps you create on-screen presentations of real-time or moderated messages using information from social media applications such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Picasa, and many more.

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Content contextualization

Social posts can be presented on-screen in real-time or with moderation, either as a scroll overlay or a banner overlay. Such overlays can also be coupled with a variety of graphic customizations. Our platform provides you the ability to add interactivity using contests and polls, and integrate second screen activity with TV. Our platform also provides support for all the upcoming social media formats making it a sustainable long-term solution.

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