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Cloud Playout Solution

Cloud playout solution

The Playout solution has been beneficial to TV networks for a long time as it allows the integration of content and monetization aspects of the business such as ad sales, traffic and scheduling, playlists, stored files, and automation. However, it is now restricting media companies to service the evolving business demands, especially with

the rapid onslaught of competitive video consumption alternatives which are now widely available via the Internet and Over-the-Top providers.

Cloud Playout is the buzz now and it presents an entirely new range of opportunities for broadcasters to evolve their operations, transform and transport content free of geographical boundaries, expand brands, and profoundly enhance the nature of their relationships with other content providers, distributors, affiliates, and video consumers.

Enter long tail distribution markets through cost effective cloud delivery - Convert smaller markets into viable propositions
Localized content delivery


  • Create highly relevant and more engaging experiences for your consumers
  • Combine the power of localization with your national/international feeds
  • Create regional channel experiences without expensive overheads like broadcast licenses
  • Increase business from regional advertisements
  • Add interactivity to your existing content with Social Media integration
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