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Push VOD

Push VOD service

Your consumer base expands and evolves every passing day. Operators must find ways to effectively distribute content, utilize bandwidth, and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction. All this curbs the focus on increasing ARPU.

Push VOD (Video On Demand) is increasingly seen as the solution for all the above challenges across the world. A push VOD service directly pushes the video content to the subscriber’s STB for viewing content on demand.

Push VOD solution

Gaian’s Push-VOD is a cost-effective solution that leverages the growing trend of cloud technology. Using Gaian’s Push-VOD Solution, operators can proactively distribute their premium content directly to their viewer's televisions.

Typical Deployment Architechture

Push VOD platform

Gaian’s Push VOD Solution salient features:

  • Available on Cable and Satellite platforms
  • Variety of purchase options
VOD purchase options via Mobile App
SMS/Mobile App
VOD coupons and vouchers
Coupons & Vouchers
App purchase on TV
In-app purchase on TV
DTH and cable bill
DTH/Cable Bill

  • Configurable refresh time
  • Half watched & locked movies do not auto refresh
  • The Push VOD service comes with advanced content protection
VOD content rewind solutions
Configure number of rewinds
VOD rent or buy
Rental/Buy option
VOD content repeat solutions
Configure number of repeat watches
VOD cloud storage
Digital locker/Cloud storage
  • High end device features

Upto 500 HD Movies/2000 SD Movies storage
Serves as hotspot(Streams to other devices)
Ultra HD/4K Support
Advanced H.265 codec
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