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IPTV/DVB Middleware

IPTV middleware

The world has started using more on-demand and time shifted content. This demands the cable/IPTV/telco MSOs to possess next-generation subscriber management capabilities to offer their customers a continuous service as they struggle between different set-top boxes, multiple UIs, various CASs, smart TVs, and mobile devices.

The market is now undergoing a profound change with consumers demanding more flexibility in services and commercial options. The operators have to deal with cord cutting while maintaining a focus on profitable ARPU.

GaiaTV middleware is a one-stop solution for all your challenges; it works across all platforms, irrespective of the hardware. Our middleware is a unique platform which provides a uniform app layer and common user interface. It helps reduce operational costs and increases advertising revenue potential.

A middleware solution that is as flexible as your business needs it to be.

Gaian Middleware doesn’t just provide a technology brick to support MSO operations but a technology platform that offers a framework over which services can be offered ensuring adaptability, nimbleness, and operational efficiencies. Additionally, future-proofing the technology is one of the key features of the framework as it promises a sustainable long-term use.

Gaian’s OTT, IPTV, and Hybrid TV middleware solutions offer cable operators a highly cost effective solution with a well integrated backend which ensures optimal performance, faster integration time, easier deployment, and efficient channel operations.

This encompasses a set of solutions and services targeted at driving additional ARPU from the existing consumer base as well as to expand their consumer base across the current home entertainment domain into other interesting domains such as enterprise, education, and government sectors. You can thereby provide differentiated value-added offerings that cater to their business environment. To know more, refer to the B2B Services page.

Multi-tiered Deployment Architechture

Hybrid TV Middleware

Explore the world of benefits

  • Integration of Widgets and Apps along with targeted, contextual and interactive TV advertising
  • Sophisticated analytics engine to help understand consumer behavior
  • Ability to cater to on demand content services
  • Inclusion of T-Commerce and advertising services
  • Ability to cater to enterprise solutions

OTT middleware

DVB middleware
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