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HTML5 TV App Framework

If everything in the world is an app in your smart devices, why not on your TV?

In the a-la-carte world, television is largely sold as an all or nothing proposition. TV distributed as just network streams in the households has already become obsolete. Consumers are now looking for additional value added services that can be provided on TV just like on their mobile devices.

Is your service ready to grab the opportunity? If yes, now is the time to act.

Gaian Solutions operates a PaaS (Platform as a Service) over an Operator’s TV service. Gaian’s Platform is a multi-tenant HTML5 app suite for B2B & B2C segments with rich media content delivery or consumption needs.

Your gateway to VAS and t-commerce services

The platform provides packaged apps as a delivery wrapper for the distribution needs of consumers as well as businesses intending to consume or provide television based VAS wide application wrappers.

Over 150 prebuilt integrations and several apps across various genres are readily available on the platform.

Content Apps: GaiaTV platform comes pre-integrated with several content feeds from global sources. These feeds can be in the form of RSS, KQML, Atom, or a custom format. Common content apps include airport schedules, train timings, show times, news, weather updates, and VOD services. Due to Gaian’s common multi-device application framework, such apps can also be delivered over smart devices with minimal effort. Additionally, all application information and descriptions can be localized for multiple languages.

flight timings app
News feed TV App
Railway updates TV App
Stock market TV App

Utility Apps: GaiaTV platform connects various service providers targeting your consumer/guest with a variety of entertainment, educational, and information services. Gaian developed apps act as conduit for staging and delivering such services. A few of such apps include astrology, maps, traffic updates, Cloud DVR, deals and offers in local enterprises.

Commerce Apps & services: GaiaTV Platform facilitates T-commerce. Consumer can search for and consume (order) a variety of local services. The GaiaTV portal allows for advertisers and service providers to create their television store fronts.

Social Media Apps: Fully featured integrations with widely used social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Picasa are available. GaiaTV platform also comes with pre-integrations to various unified communications platforms; prominent among them are Yahoo IM, SIP client integration for Video Telephony, Skype, and G-Mail. All these apps can be used as full page applications, immersive applications with TV video, push notifications or wall updates as alerts.

Facebook TV App
Flicker TV App
Picasa TV App

Productivity apps: Apps such as travel check-ins, SMS, personal calendars, emails are available in the platform. These apps allow consumers to completely customize the GaiaTV system on their TVs and smart devices. Customization includes specifying preferred content, social media identities, e-mail accounts, & choice of languages.

Immersive apps: Gaian brings leading edge video and web services directly to the television without limits. For the first time the viewing experience is uncompromised, with all apps also available as immersive applications.

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