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Alerting Systems

Emergency alerting systems

Timely dissemination of information during emergency situations has always been a challenge. This problem exponentially increases when dealing with remote locations.

Gaian offers a versatile and effective solution for alerting systems like weather reports, natural calamities, and other alerts by law enforcement agencies. The information can be disseminated to the community in a structured manner thereby safeguarding the interests of the public.

For remote locations, timely dissemination of information is key for which a host of redundant connectivity systems can be used. This includes Dialup, 2G/3G, Inmarsat BGAN, Wired Internet, WiFi internet, Microwave, and VSAT with an effective multi-sensory alarm system to provide alerts to long ranges using sirens and lasers.

Information can also be collated from different sources and concise information can be disseminated to various screens and platforms. Using the Gaian cloud platform, information can be transmitted to relevant locations in real-time. Content can be localized based on language, location and Time zone.

The solution is designed for long life, simple to configure and use, meant to utilize minimal human intervention. The web based interface makes remote monitoring of the devices possible and software maintenance activities can be carried out without the need to ever go to the deployment site.

The system supports Indian languages, alphanumeric text, 3D graphics, images, animations, videos, audio, and a variety of graphical overlays.

Future proof alerting systems

Durability over 10 Years
Modularly Upgradable
ISO Complaint Modules
Five 9’s Availability(99.999%)

Multilevel redundancy alerting system

7 Communication Channels
5 Layered Sensory Alarm
3 Power Sources

Alerting systems for rugged operations

Industrial Design
Subsystem Rated & Certified for Military Quality
Certified for IP65 Operation

Encrypted alerting systems

End to End AES256 Encryption
Data & content traffic is Uniquely Ciphered
OTP 256 byte key per Terminal

Remotely manageable alerting systems

Idiot Proof
Fully Remote Operable
Extremely Versatile MMI
Voice, Touch, Visual, Gesture Smart & Intuitive System

Versatile manageable alerting systems

Internet Feeds
Informative Programs
Kiosk Mode of Operation
Interactive Training Mode

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