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B2B Solutions

Business to business solutions

Operators so far have been concentrating only on B2C segments. All the systems of telco, cable, or DTH service providers have been designed to serve large number of individual consumers. The same video content can also be consumed by the enterprise sector if packaged differently. This possibility has largely been ignored due to various operational challenges faced by the operators.

We believe that the service providers or cable operators are uniquely positioned to offer such services to corporate entities because of their rich distribution network. Gaian provides a layer of enhancement to the basic content service that service providers offer to their users.

Cloud content delivery platform

This is a great opportunity for cable operators to open new revenue streams with their existing customer base. The sectors to which you can offer B2B solutions, and truly differentiate the TV viewing experience, are:

B2B Retail TV
B2B hospitality solutions
B2B healthcare solutions
B2B banking solutions
B2B Corporate solutions
Corporate sector
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