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To succeed in today’s highly competitive retail world, retailers must differentiate their brand and experience at every touchpoint. Ensuring consistency in brand and product communication is one of the biggest challenges of fast growing brands in the fashion, jewellery, health and wellness, food and beverages, automobile, and financial service domains.

Imagine having the ability to control all consumer facing screens from one central location. Imagine only authenticated users having the ability to customize their own stores' content. Imagine being able to actually see what is playing at each of these screens - live as it is played or as reports to review later.

Gaian makes all this possible through its Retail TV solution.

Giving a digital facelift to your retail showrooms

Gaian’s Retail TV solution provides a cloud hosted portal that is accessible from anywhere in the world using laptops or mobile devices, thereby enabling you to take complete control of what’s playing in each of your stores from within your office or when you are on the go. You can control the schedule of the displays, the layout designs, and add several broadcast grade 3D graphics. Gaian can also help you design and create the graphics required for your displays.

Retail digital signage

Testimonial - In-store digital signage in retail

As brands and advertisers realize the inherent shortcomings of traditional media, they are investing in newer marketing vehicles such as digital signage due to its ability to reach huge audiences and play engaging and targeted messages at the point of sale.
A completely new trend has started in the retail segment where showrooms are communicating with their customers through digital displays at their venues.
As the number of retail outlets increase, ensuring that the in-store experience is consistent across all stores has become a challenge - from controlling the music being played in the store to the visuals being shown on the display screens. read more
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