Hospital OPD queue/token management systems, Healthcare digital signage


Hospitals have always used queues at their premises; this makes visiting hospitals a very painful experience for the patients. In today’s world, patients are customers who expect good service. It is important to ensure that the wait-time is less and the waiting experience is better. Hospitals are seeking solutions which can meet these expectations.

Gaian’s Announcement Management System (AMS) uses TVs (displays), at your premises, as a platform to display announcements and manage visitors using tokens.

Managing visitors requires distributing tokens, calling visitors, guiding visitors to one of the many counters/services, and breaking sequence to handle special cases. Until now, managing queues required ample manual intervention along with token system operator’s assistance.

With Gaian’s Announcement Management System, all the activities required to manage visitor queues at your premises are simplified by:

  • Making TVs an announcement/token display unit: Integrating TVs at your premises with Gaian’s IRDs makes them announcement display units. Your TVs, at all times, can continue to play any content that is required for your visitors and additionally act as an instrument to display announcements, and call and guide visitors to the required locations.
  • Enabling service agents to service visitors with a click of a button: Service agents can sequentially manage their visitors with a click of a button. A service agent can run a counter to call visitors that hold different token types.
  • Activities such as calling different types of visitors, closing counters/services, and jumping queues for special/emergency cases requires no technical help from any administrators/operators because these can be easily managed by the service agents.

  • Displaying tokens and announcements in any display unit at the premises: Visitors are scattered across premises and displaying tokens in multiple display units is crucial for effective communication. Gaian’s Announcement Management System makes it very easy to target and send information to multiple display units.

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