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Announcements Management

Announcement management system

Gaian offers a versatile and effective announcement/alerting solution to enterprises. Information dissemination in a timely and structured manner is the need of the hour.

Gaian’s announcement management system makes the TVs (displays) in your premise a platform to manage visitors. Handling queues at a premise requires token collection, visitor calling, visitor guidance to one of the many counters/services, and intermittent sequence breakage for special cases. Until now, managing queues at a premise required ample manual intervention along with token system operator’s assistance.

With Gaian’s announcement management system, all the activities required to manage visitor queues at your premise is simplified by:

Making TVs a announcement display unit: Integrating TVs in your premise with Gaian’s IRD makes it a announcement display unit. Your TVs, at all times, can continue to play any content that is required for your visitors and additionally, act as an alerting instrument to call/guide visitors to the required locations in your premise.

Enabling counter personnel/service agents to service visitors with a click of a button: Counter personnel/service agents can sequentially manage their visitors with a click of a button. Additionally, a personal can service visitors looking for different types of services with no additional complexity, in that; counter personnel/service agents can run a counter to service visitors that hold different token types.

Activities such as servicing different types of visitors, counter/service closure and jumping queues for special/emergency cases require no technical help from any administrators/operators as it is can be easily managed by the counter personnel/service agents.

Presenting tokens at any TV (display unit) in the premise: Visitors are scattered across the premise and presenting tokens at multiple TVs (display units) is crucial for effective visitor calling and service. Gaian’s announcement management system makes it very easy to target and send token information to multiple display units in the premise.

Incorporating value added services/feeds for your visitors: Tokens are the most important feeds on all the TVs across the premise. To increase visitor engagement at the premise, topical & trending feeds can be incorporated on the TVs.

Announcement Management System in Action

The primary transactions points are:

Token collection: Visitors collecting physical tokens from the existing token generator installed at the premise.

Counter personnel/service agents call: Counter personnel/service agents calls visitors with a click of a button on their web or mobile application.

TV (display) alerts visitors in several areas: TV displays across the premise alert users with the token being called.

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