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Local Ad Insertion

Local Ad insertion

In the current era, most advertising mediums allow targeting of ads based on regional preferences, customer choices, gender, & language. TV, on the other hand, forces advertisers to market their products across the nation, which reduces the scope for local marketers to advertise their product on a TV. That’s where Gaian comes into the picture!

The GaiaTV platform allows for the main broadcast signals to be combined with local advertisements that can target different regions during the same ad slot.


  • Live on-screen graphic or full video ad insertion
  • Scheduled and on-demand insertion all controlled by the operator
  • Broadcast grade graphic capabilities- full video ads, quarter of split screen video, L bars, Scrolls, Banners, Box Bugs, and many more creative advertisement types.
  • Non-invasive insertion capabilities - ads can be set to play on channel squeeze mode or in the overlay mode
  • Multi-language support for on screen graphics
  • Configurable channel advertisements for customized look and feel

Gaian ad types:

NOTE: Any new advertisement types that aren’t currently provided by Gaian can be specifically created for you.

Banner Ads:

Horizontal Ad insertion
Horizontal Banner
Vertical Ad insertion
Vertical Banner

Bug Ads:

Bouncing Ad insertion
Bouncing Bug
3D Ad insertion
3D Box Bug
Bug Ad insertion
Flying Bug
Full pip Ad insertion
Full Screen Ad

LBar Ads:

L bar Ad insertion
Animated LBar
L bar Ad insertion
Static LBar
Brand Ad insertion
Scroll Ad insertion
Scroll Text Ad
Audio Ad insertion
Audio Ads
Full pip Ad insertion
Full Video Ad
Quarter pip Ad insertion
Quarter Video Ad
Full pip Ad insertion
Half-Screen Video Ad
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